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Occasional Teachers' Committee

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Occasional Teachers' Committee for 2021-2022:

The Occasional Teachers' Committee is comprised of 5 Occasional Teachers elected each year at the Annual Spring Meeting for OT's, usually held in May.  The OT/TBU President, Chief Negotiator & Greivance Officer also sit on the Committee as additional voting members, as well as the OT/TBU Vice-President. The Committee usually meets once a month during the school year.

Name Position
Kevin Johnston Chair, TEX Rep, CBC Rep, BUAC
vacant Secretary
Laura Drexler Vice-Chair, Anti-Harassment Officer, CBC Rep, BUAC
Chris Schaefer PD Rep, CPAC Rep
Margie Cressman TC Rep
Tracey Kelly TC Rep
Jennifer Daniells
Stephanie Browning  
Rob Gascho President
Dave VandenBerg T/OTBU Vice-President,  Anti-Harassment Officer
Darryl Weber Chief Negotiator/Grievance Officer

Email:  General OT questions & concerns can be sent to the Committee at district24ot@gmail.com.