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Occasional Teachers' Committee

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Occasional Teachers' Committee for 2021-2022:

The Occasional Teachers' Committee is comprised of 5 Occasional Teachers elected each year at the Annual Spring Meeting for OT's, usually held in May.  The OT/TBU President, Chief Negotiator & Greivance Officer also sit on the Committee as additional voting members, as well as the OT/TBU Vice-President. The Committee usually meets once a month during the school year.

Name Position
Kevin Johnston Chair, TEX Rep, CBC Chair, BUAC, OT/TBU Treasurer
Sanya Sidhu OT/TBU Secretary
Laura Drexler Vice-Chair, Anti-Harassment Officer, CBC Rep, BUAC
Chris Schaefer PD Rep, CPAC Rep
Margie Cressman TC Rep
Tracey Kelly TC Rep
Vacancy TBD
 Vacancy  TBD
Vacancy  TBD
Rob Gascho President
Dave VandenBerg Vice-President, OT/TBU Constitutional Officer, Anti-Harassment Officer
Darryl Weber  Chief Negotiator/Grievance Officer

Email:  General OT questions & concerns can be sent to the Committee at district24ot@gmail.com.