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TBU Meeting Dates 2019-2020.pdf

A list of all in-person meeting dates for 2019-2020 that are eligible for Expense Claims, sorted by Committee.
Size: 67.83 KB   |    Added: May 14 2020   |    Modified: May 14 2020

COVID-19 TBU Expense Claim Procedure.pdf

This document outlines the Procedure for submitting Expense Claims for the 2019-2020 school year.
Size: 165.16 KB   |    Added: May 14 2020   |    Modified: May 14 2020

TBU Combined Expense Voucher (Fillable).pdf

This is an electronically-fillable version of the existing Voucher form. For COVID-19 claims, you may type your signature when submitting your expenses.
Size: 307.57 KB   |    Added: May 7 2020   |    Modified: May 14 2020

TBU Expense Claim Clarifications.pdf

Includes budget lines and mileage clarifications for filling out a TBU expense claim sheet for OSSTF meetings that you attended. Based on 2019-20 school year.
Size: 303.2 KB   |    Added: April 3 2020   |    Modified: May 12 2020

TBU Combined Expense Voucher (Non-Fillable).pdf

Use this form to claim expenses incurred on TBU business, or buying TBU supplies or equipment. Print off, fill out, and sign the form, and return it to the OSSTF District Office, attention Jennifer Roth. Ensure you attach receipts for all claims other than mileage (examples: meals, parking, childcare)
Size: 237.23 KB   |    Added: December 21 2011   |    Modified: December 7 2017