District 24 Teachers Bargaining Unit

OT Training Opportunity WRDSBs Commitment to Sovereignty, Human Rights and Equity

Event Date: Wednesday May 11 2022 @ 4:00 pm
Location: Virtual

WRDSB’s Commitment to Sovereignty, Human Rights and Equity

This learning opportunity will offer a brief overview of the WRDSB’s commitment to equity, human rights, and Indigenous sovereignty. We will review some history, data, and current issues that have informed this commitment, as well as provide links to Ministry directives, mandates, and policies that support this direction. Our aim is that this session will help you understand why our school is committed to upholding the Human Rights Code and how we can all work to ensure equitable learning environments for all students.

The session will be 1 hour. If there is enough interest, we may offer a second meeting with follow up information.

Register: ProLearn Course #23687 at https://wrdsb.pl.ca.powerschool.com/ia/empari/learning2/course/search/doCourseSearch

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