District 24 Teachers Bargaining Unit

Ford Government Attack on Education

Wednesday March 20 2019

The Ford government's announcements about their reforms to education which include a change in staff funding ratios of 28:1 rather than 22:1, the introduction of mandatory e-learning credits centrally delivered, a cellphone ban and the potential elimination of Regulation 271 which governs fair and transparent hiring practices has been received as a blatant attack on student achievement and student success. This coupled with the transition of students on the autism spectrum returning to regular classrooms April 1 after the cuts to the OAP, will have dramatic impacts on our most vulnerable students. The changes to class size generators can also be seen as an attack on program availability and student choice. We will keep you posted via your private email and via your school reps. as to actions you can take to let the Ford government know how you feel about these proposed changes. In the mean time, consider contacting your MPP personally by phone or email and try to participate in the government consultations that are still open until May 31st.