District 24 Teachers Bargaining Unit

Teachers' Council

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Teachers' Council for 2020-2021

Teachers' Council is the main legislative body of the Bargaining Unit with representatives from each Branch/School site.
Council members make decisions about constitutional matters, finances, policy decisions and discuss items of concerns to schools.  

 School/Position  Name
 BCI (Staff President)  Maria Tuma
 BCI (Staff Rep)  vacant
 CHCI (Staff President)  Elvis Husic
 CHCI (Staff Co-Rep)  Raena Worrell
 CHCI (Staff Co-Rep.)  Rose Marie Davis
 ECI (Staff President)  Tom Eman
 ECI (Staff Rep)  vacant
 EDSS (Staff President) (TBU Vice President)  David VandenBerg
 EDSS (Staff Co-Rep) (TC Chair)  Jen O'Connor
 EDSS (Staff Co-Rep.) Stathoula Paleshi
EDSS (Staff Co-rep) TBD
 FHCI (Staff President)  Scott Kruse
 FHCI (Staff Rep)  Callie Sockett
 GCI (Staff President)   Kristine Hardie
 GCI (Staff Rep)  Caitlin Komorowski
 GPSS (Staff President)   Candice Potz
 GPSS (Staff Rep)  Frank Van Dam
 GRCI (Staff President) Stephen Furmaniuk
 GRCI (Staff Rep)  vacant
 HHSS (Staff President)  Angela Schaeffer
 HHSS (Staff Rep)  Lisa Shantz
 JHSS (Staff President)  Scott Padusenko
 JHSS (Staff Rep)  vacant
 KCI (Staff President)  Joel Kreutzkamp
 KCI (Co-rep) Kayla Jakobsson
 KCI (Co-rep)  Jamie Fowler
 PHS (Staff President)  Mike Miller
 PHS (Staff Rep)  Katrina Cove-Shannon
 SJAMSS (Staff President)  vacant
 SJAMSS (Staff Rep)  vacant
 SSS (Staff President)  Joel Pearce
 SSS (Staff Rep)  Jessica Cornel
 WCI (Staff President)  Carlo Fusco
 WCI (Staff Rep)  vacant
 WODSS (Staff President)  Jonathan Drewitz
 WODSS (Staff Rep)  Conny McCarthy
 U Turn (Staff President)  vacant
 Sec 23 (Staff President)  vacant
 Ed Centre (Staff President)  Leanne Hughes
 Ed. Centre (Staff Rep.)  Angel Hammoud
 Occasional Teachers (OT Chair)  Kevin Johnston
 Occasional Teachers (OT Co-Rep)  Margie Cressman
 Occasional Teachers (OT Co-Rep)  Tracey Kelly
 Health and Safety Officer/ PD Chair  Dwayne Shouldice
 Constitution Officer  David VandenBerg
 TBU President  Rob Gascho
 TBU Vice President  David VandenBerg
 TBU Chief Negotiator / Grievance Officer  Darryl Weber
 TBU Officer  Diane Kewley
 TBU Treasurer  Kevin Johnston
 TBU Secretary  Sanya Sidhu
 Provincial Executive Liaison  Paul Caccamo
 Provincial Secretariat (Protective Services)  Jessica Burnie
 Provincial Secretariat (Ed. Services)   Randy Banderob
 Provincial Secretariat (CPAC)  Tracey Marshall