District 24 Teachers Bargaining Unit

Professional Development Committee 2020-2021

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Professional Development Committee for 2020-2021:

The PD Committee administers the Short Term Education Leave Fund and acts as an Appeals body for declined applications.
They also plan PD workshops throughout the school year and plan the annual Federation PD Day. 

School/Position Name
BCI vacant
CHCI vacant
ECI Gursev Singh
EDSS Stath Paleshi
FHCI Katherine Vlossak
GCI Jill Este
GPSS vacant
GRCI Ben Riche
HHSS Dwayne Shouldice
JHSS  vacant
KCI vacant
PHS Alexa Liebregts
SJAMSS Amie Klomp
SSS vacant
WCI Jill Harris
WODSS vacant
Section 23 vacant
U-Turn vacant
Occasional Teachers Chris Schaeffer
Ed. Centre Lara Shantz
TBU President Rob Gascho