District 24 Teachers Bargaining Unit


Wednesday September 13 2023

The OSSTF D24 TBU STEL Funding provides educational leave for professional development (PD) opportunities, as well as financial funding, for members to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, or other activities designed for teachers to develop knowledge and/or skills related to their current teaching assignments.

*Review the 2023-2024 STEL Guidelines by going to the QUICKLINKS tab on the home screen, scroll down to the STEL APPLICATION (double click), this will being you to the Guidelines and the (fillable) application.

*Submit the completed STEL application to the OSSTF D24 office 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event, ATTN: STEL Administrator, through the WRDSB courier, Canada Post, personal delivery to the D24 office (front door mail slot) or, email to osstfd24office@gmail.com. Make sure the application is complete with signature(s) and required supporting documentation. Do not send links as documentation.

*Once the application has been approved, the member will receive an EL number on a STEL Expense Voucher by email. Complete the voucher with signature and supporting documentation 30 days after the event for reimbursement.